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Public Health and Prevention: Easy Steps

Posted by Cindie Law on

Public Health and Prevention: Easy Steps

by Cindie Law March 25, 2020


Public Health and Prevention. Yes, this is a pandemic. Yes, you can take easy steps to reduce your risk!


Years ago, I was the Administrator for a small medical clinic in Skagway, Alaska. After an extended run with lymphoma and the fallout of chemotherapy, I decided to go back to my earlier passion and opened a small textiles factory in Las Vegas, NV named Altered State Textile Imaging. My shop employs multiple local families with a healthy living wage and health insurance by making a range of products from company uniforms to large sports banners.


When the virus started to spread, our public health leaders immediately implemented extremely important measures to reduce the spread of disease: Social distancing, being at least 6ft away from others when you must go out, and frequent hand washing or sanitizing.


Our healthcare system needs every medical-grade piece of protective equipment anyone can find. For me, an additional problem came to mind:


  • Our workers, our elders, and our immunocompromised would want a face barrier when they cannot maintain the 6ft rule.


This is where I knew our business could help. Knowing the basics that the virus spreads through droplets and surface-to-face contact, I knew we could produce comfortable, washable, reusable face barriers. Face barriers are helpful for when you come into close contact with others to reduce the risk of droplet exposure and surface-to-face contact. In a world of climate change and a widening income gap, I wanted to make a product that is reusable.


We also want public health to be fun. Our face barriers can have logos, animal faces (my granddaughter loves the bear design), and even a galaxy design to remind us we are part of so much more than only this moment in time.


And yes, we have group pricing while still maintaining a living wage for our employees.


Public Health is love, and let’s show that by social distancing, washing hands, and when we can’t follow the 6ft rule, using a reusable barrier to stop the spread. Keep the medical grade masks with the medical professionals!



Our Materials

Specific suppliers are frequently changing, but these are the common properties of our fabric:

  • Microfiber, soft stretch.
  • Moisture Wicking.
  • Lightweight anti-microbial.
  • Mitigates sweat, and moisture; fosters cooling and drying.
  • Soft inner side to reduce irritation. This reduces the urge to touch your face and thus reduces exposures, especially in kids.
  • Eco-friendly!! Machine washable and reusable.
  • Made in the US by a small business.
  • Cost covers overhead and a decent living wage.


Recommended Use:

Use with Social Distancing

Wash Hands Frequently

Wash Masks in Hot Temp Cycle

Intended for Non-Medical Professions

Intended Use as Personal Barrier


Visual on how to wear:

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