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5 Layer PM2.5 Face Mask Filter (5-Pack)


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Meant to be used with any ASTI Face Mask.

Although many are happy with only a few layers of protection, these filters provide far more. The multi-layer filter slips into the filter slot of most masks to help maximize your protection from germs, dust, pollutants, and more.

Features 5-layer construction:

  • (2) non-woven outer layers
  • (2) melt-blown inner layers
  • (1) activated carbon layer

Melt-blown fabric is the most important part of a filter. Non-woven fibers act as a physical barrier against microscopic particulates while also providing an electrostatic barrier to stop aerosolized nano-particles.

Spun-bond is a non-woven fabric that filters out larger particles, while providing structure to the inner melt-blown layers.

Activated carbon fabric traps particulates via a process called adsorption, and also serves as an antibacterial and deodorizer.

PM 2.5 filters can be effective for up to 3 days with continuous use and up to 2 weeks occasional use, or whenever it becomes harder to draw a breath. You cannot wash to clean PM 2.5 Filters and after these advised timelines you should throw them away.

How To Install:
Step 1: After washing your hands, take out the product.
Step 2: Fold the filter in half lengthwise so it is easier to slip in the slot.
Step 3: Slide the PM2.5 filter into the slot, unfold it and make sure it is centered  and flat.

Filters Specification:
Material: Non-woven Cloth, Melt-blown cloth and carbon filter.
Dimension: 4.72" x 3.15"