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Guidebook to Practicing Public Health Protocols

Guidebook to Practicing Public Health Protocols

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This Guidebook Teaches You How to Stay Safe in Public.

This public health guidebook teaches you how to safely be in public spaces during a pandemic. In 10 pages, our | What to Know What to Do How to Do It | resource equips you with the science education, risk assessment training, and 8 simple safety protocols to avoid getting the virus that causes COVID-19. These are the public health protocols used to stay safe. 

If you are responsible for people safely gathering, learning to be socially safe is doing your part. Together, we will keep schools safe and businesses open. 

Get your questions answered. 

Learn what to watch for:

  • The spit, splatter, and spray
  • The risk of sharing air

Learn what to plan for:

  • Viruses linger, but only in certain places
  • Spot those hot zones when socializing inside

Learn the 8 easy protocols to keep your place safe:

  • Ventilation, filters, and airflow - oh, my!
  • Interpersonal interactions - group pride
  • Masks: 1-2-3 your mask saves me
  • Cleaning & disinfecting - foggers make people sick!
  • When to put up plastic barriers
  • Hand wash stations - cute and easy
  • Group distancing and placement when together
  • Natural light - Store-bought UV is a waste of money

Learn the why behind the what.  With a touch of science education and solid public health training, you are able to make effective on-the-spot decisions to keep your indoor places safe

Each guidebook includes the option to take a knowledge test and earn a Social Safety Advocate Certificates


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